August 29, 2023 Margus Danil Cloud Storage

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Storadera Opened A New Region

Blog cover graphic illustration with text "We opened a NEW Storadera Region" and an image of NL flag surrounded by leaves and clouds.

Storadera opened a new region – our Central European region in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Starting from yesterday all Storadera customers can select “eu-central-1” as a location to deploy a new bucket. A bucket’s location defines the physical place where object data in the bucket resides. You permanently set a geographic location for storing your object data when you create a bucket.

New region for an object storage service offers several benefits. For example, it enhances data redundancy and availability by providing means to geographically distribute data across multiple locations, reducing the risk of data loss. New region improves data access and network latency for users located in or near the new region, resulting in better performance. For those companies who have strict data residency requirements, can take advantage of our new location. Additionally, more regions enables disaster recovery strategies and ensuring business continuity. It is done by having data copies in different regions that can be quickly restored in case of regional outages or failures.

Storadera believes that the Netherlands is suitable for companies and Storadera partners due to its close proximity to many countries.

Pricing policy for the new location is the same.

If you look for technical information about setting up your application to connect specific region then see our Regions list.

Storadera deploys our regions physically in secure and redundant data centers. They are certified for ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and EN 50600. Storadera customers have freedom to choose where to store their data by selecting the most appropriate region to create a storage bucket. To get more detailed information about our data centers then see our Locations list.

Join us and start using Storadera!

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