Data centers

We operate our service from high quality data centers listed below.

Here is a bit more info about them.

If you look for technical information about setting up your application to connect specific region then see our Regions list.

Europe, Netherlands, Amsterdam – euNetworks Data Center

Region name: eu-central-1

euNetworks is a leading Western European provider of data center and cloud services headquartered in London.

euNetworks operates premium data center facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. The facility in Amsterdam has been designed to the highest standards of security, cooling and power density to meet the most demanding requirements.

The building also houses the central hub for the EuNetworks provider, providing all types of connections and channels in the Netherlands and Europe. The network infrastructure is fully redundant.

Number of racks in the data center: approximately 5,000

Security certification level: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015

Technical specification

Europe, Estonia, Tallinn – Greenergy Data Center

Region name: eu-east-1

Greenergy Data Centers’ facility in Tallinn is the most energy-efficient and secure data center in the Baltics.

With multiple levels of security keeping your assets safe, duplicated systems offering high reliability and electricity from renewable energy sources keeping the ecological footprint low, it is the best place to store your mission critical data.

Target energy efficiency 25% better than the industry average

Uptime to date: 100%

Renewable energy: 100%

Certified against the highest standard for data centers in EU (EN 50600)

Technical specification (will open separate .pdf file)