Storadera Space

Storadera Space supports industry standard S3 protocol.

It means that if your application can communicate with AWS S3 then it can most probably use Storadera as well.

Check out our list of integration manuals to get started.

Detailed api description can be find here:

S3 means originally “Simple Storage Service” but it has evolved to be quite a complex service with a lot of features. All are not implemented by Storadera. We have chosen to first implement the features that are the most important to our customers and we keep adding more.

Most software should work very well with Storadera Space. If yours does not, turn to our customer support and we will see what can be done.

Our current limitations:

  • We support only the newer and more secure V4 authentication method (Signature Version 4). We do not support the older V2.
  • Multipart upload (complete) has maximum object size of 200 GB (standard upload works without any size limitations)
  • Extra server side encryption with client provided keys is not supported. We do support encryption in transit and we do encrypt data on hard disks.
  • Public sharing is not supported. Access is limited only to your account, no sharing between accounts.
  • Object and bucket tags are not supported
  • (plus some more less used functionality)

If client software asks for functionality that is not supported then server will return HTTP status 501 – Not implemented.

If you have questions about compatibility then Contact us.