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Executive Summary

Storadera is a fast, secure and affordable solution for Cloud Storage. You can use Storadera for a variety of purposes including primary storage for cloud or on-premise workloads, secondary storage for backup and recovery or archival storage for long term data retention.

Storadera is engineered to meet strong security requirements to keep customer data safe at all times.

Physical security

Storadera uses data center services provided by Greenergy Data Centers and is located in Tallinn, Estonia.
The data center is the largest and most modern data center in the Baltics with 14.500 m2 of floor space and 31.5 MW of campus power capacity.
The facility uses green energy, and aims for a world-class energy usage effectiveness (PUE) of below 1.2.

Level 3 to 4, full infrastructure redundancy and zero-trust security principles.
The data center has ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, 50001 and EN 50600 compliance.

As data is the new gold, then data centers have to be like banks where assets are guarded 24/7/365.
Our data center has multilayer perimeter defense solutions, grounds with 3m high fences and concrete foundation, seismic sensor system, 2 gates with separate automatic road blocks.

The perimeter is secured using infra barriers, outdoor 24/7 security monitoring, cameras equipped with motion sensors, thermal imaging, night vision and video analytics.
Also there is 24/7 manned and armed on-site security.

Data center has an ultramodern access system what includes biometric authentication and full coverage CCTV surveillance system and secure AI-based anti-passback system

Obviously facility has several independent power connections and redundant optical routes.
The equipment cabinets  are equipped with locks and sensors, and the alarm system can only be disarmed using RFID cards.

Data Privacy and Security

Storadera supports a comprehensive set of data privacy and security capabilities to prevent unauthorized access. Strong user authentication features guard access to stored data. 

All data stored on Storadera is encrypted by default to protect data at rest.
All communications with Storadera are transmitted using HTTPS to protect data in transit.

Data Durability and Protection

Storadera storage is engineered for very high data durability and integrity. Data is always protected with triple parity to protect against media errors and hardware failures.

We use Erasure Coding (EC) to protect data integrity. EC works by splitting object (or file) into fragments (data blocks) and creating additional fragments (parity blocks). For each parity fragment, the EC algorithm calculates parity fragments based on original data fragments.

If any of data fragments become unavailable, then the parity fragments can be used to rebuild the data unit without experiencing data loss.

In Storadera we save each data and parity fragment on separate drive, so we have a notion of data drives and parity drives. Parity drive can be used instead of any of the data drive. If customer requests data and a data drive fails to read data fragment then our software automatically reads data from parity drive instead, re-generates original data and sends to customer. It is seamless and fast.

In case of any drive failure, we start re-generating the data to a stand-by drive. And as said, during the rebuild, data is available to customer and without noticeable performance impact. In case of drive failure, data is also safe because we have multiple parity drives.

At the moment of writing we have drive pools of 6 drives and we have divided it into 3 data drives and 3 parity drives.

To protect against pit-rot or any other forms of storage media silent failure, data integrity is re-checked every 30 days.

Additional layer of integrity protection we have 3 level of hash checks on every file read and periodical re-check. First we have hash check on fragment read from hard drive. Then we have hash check of segment – it is a sub-part of the file, around 4 to 20 MB. And finally hash of the whole file. In any case of hash failure, we use parity fragments to restore original content and stream it to customer without delay or noticeable slowdown. Problematic fragments will be marked and restored using EC parity.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers typically interface with Storadera using third-party backup applications and file management tools. Customers must ensure that they have strong security practices and systems in place to safeguard other parts of their infrastructure. 

Customers also must ensure keeping all security credentials and keys safe and private at all times.


Storadera is engineered to meet strong data security and privacy requirements.

The service is built and managed according to security best practices and standards, and employs a defense-in-depth approach to protect against a wide array of threats. To locate our service infrastructure we use only data centers with strong authentication and access control measures in place. Our service encrypts data at rest and in transit to protect privacy and prevent unauthorized access and disclosure.

Storadera is typically used in conjunction with other on-premise or cloud services. IT organizations must institute strong security to ensure data privacy and protection across all enterprise assets.

Most incumbent service providers make use of their services attractive, but later you might end up with high costs as there are hidden fees that could have been overlooked in the first place. We at Storadera believe that simplicity and cost predictability is key to solve this problem, which is why lots of companies are afraid of cloud storage services. Our mission is to provide scalable service and at the same time provide very simple and predictable pricing.

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