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I was looking for a way to have a backup of Synology NAS to keep all the important data safe from any failure or disaster. Storadera pricing was really simple and affordable and I decided to give it a try. It was super easy to set up Storadera as Synology Hyper Backup target. It took only 10 minutes from the registration on Storadera homepage till the backup was set up.
Now even if something happens to the Synology NAS itself, I know that data is safe.

Andres Pajula reviewer image

Andres Pajula

We were looking for a S3 compatible Object storage solution. The first you will find are all US based companies. When looking further for an European provider we found Storadera.
Pricing model is the same or even better and you are sure your data stays in a European Data Center. We now use it for nearly 6 months and everthings works fine. In the beginning we had a small issue but that was fixed quick by support.
We are now at a point that we will start using Storadera for our customers.

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Marthijs van den Ham

Secure cloud storage with the most affordable price on the market

Backup target creation

Creating a backup in the cloud enables off-site backup restoration, completely mitigating the risk of on-premises disasters. Storadera’s cloud is scalable and always available, removing the need to plan storage resources ahead of time.

Archive creation

Create an archive in the cloud and free up your local storage for active data. Priced at 6€/TB, you can keep all the data for future needs thanks to the low cost of large scale data archiving.


Integrates with backup software you already use

Compatible with hundreds of S3 compatible applications. Implementing Storadera with backup tools like VEEAM enables you to send the secondary copy to the cloud and increase their backup retention. No need to buy new tools to manage cloud storage.

Pay as you grow – no hidden fees

No complicated tiers, hidden fees, or delete penalties.

The simple pricing of 6€/TB makes budgeting easy and straightforward. There are no hidden fees or complicated price lists, usually associated with cloud storage providers.

ProviderStorage cost per TBDownload cost per TB
Storadera6 EUR0 EUR
Amazon AWS S324.5 USD90 USD
Microsoft Azure Blob storage19.6 USD80 USD
Google Cloud Storage23 USD120 USD

We have mixed EUR and USD here on purpose to reflect the exact info on homepages.

50GB free for 30 days | 6€/TB | pay as you grow | no egress charges

Switch over to Storadera to save cost, lower CO2 and operate better

Fully managed service with lower storage TCO

Fully managed service with lower storage TCO

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of using Storadera is far lower than local storage when considering costs associated with managing local storage, like hardware, software licenses, electricity for cooling, specialist payroll, data limits and support expiry dates. Storadera is a fully managed service – no need to hire and train dedicated specialists to handle on-premises data storage.

Ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance

Ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance

Cloud storage is a central place for managing all important data. Keep your operationally important data always at hand and make sure the data you need to keep by law is safe from local disasters with Storadera’s secure cloud.

Lower your carbon footprint

Lower your carbon footprint

Hit your ESG and sustainability goals with Storadera. The large scale cloud storage is more energy-efficient, enabling you to contribute towards the company’s environmental sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption on handling local storage.

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50GB free for 30 days | 6€/TB | pay as you grow

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