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What Is S3 Cloud Storage Backup And Why Your Business Needs It?

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Business leaders that rely on remote workers are more vulnerable to threats and mishaps. Today, a company can be brought to its demise by a single cyberattack or data leak. Therefore, you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure stays protected all the time. Setting up a S3 cloud storage backup for your digital storage is a great option to consider, if you want to keep the cost low, yet make no sacrifices when it comes to the security of your important business data.

What is S3 cloud storage backup storage 

S3 aka Simple Storage Service is a storage service that allows storing your mission-critical data as objects within S3 buckets, objects being files and any metadata that describes the files. S3 buckets are essentially like folders, as they contain the objects aka files. The main features of S3 cloud storage are its scalability, security, performance and data availability. Important data is kept secured with the help of encryption and a sophisticated management system. 

To read more about S3 buckets, keys and the S3 API, click here.

Advantages of S3 cloud storage backup for business

Even a single instance of a downtime will bring day-to-day operations to a halt, along with extensive downtime costs. By backing up all of your data using a trusted cloud provider, you can future-proof your company effectively. It also serves as an investment into long term business continuity.

S3 cloud storage backup storage prevents risk

Without a good cloud storage backup service, you can put your valuable data at serious risk. Even a single instance of data breach can bring about serious ramifications. These will include long term reputation damage, hefty fines due to lack of compliance measures, loss of earnings and more.

Helps secure remote work-model

With the onset of the pandemic, many businesses are now forced to switch their operations to a remote-work model. Having multiple members of your staff working from home ultimately means that there is an increased risk of a data breach and cyberattack occurrence.
Nonetheless, you can get rid of this risk entirely, simply by transitioning your data management mechanism to the cloud. Integrating cloud storage technology will require you to start using an affordable S3 cloud storage backup service. This will not only provide you with a more secure experience, but also help your managers with a seamless remote working experience.

Helps protect data against natural hazards

A S3 cloud storage backup can be essential to the security of your business’s valuable data and IT infrastructure. Your company’s IT infrastructure is not only vulnerable to malicious activity and cyberattacks, but also natural hazards. Best examples include on-premise floods and fires. This can compromise the data that you store on hardware devices.

The same can be said for criminal damages on your business property. This can potentially destroy your data. By siding with a cloud storage service, you can store copies of your data in the cloud, meaning your data will remain in secure data centers that will have controlled access. This means that your emails, software, and data will always remain safe and recoverable, as they will be stored on the cloud server.

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A picture of a hard drive with an image of a lock overlay
A hard drive cannot protect your data from natural disasters or even just a malfunction.

S3 cloud storage backup ensures around the clock protection

Without cloud backup, your business can encounter cyberattacks that can take place within minutes or months depending on the nature of the attack. However, if you upgrade your security with different backups and sync applications, you can ensure instant and 24/7 protection. This will keep your data from being corrupted or lost.

Some malware attacks corrupt data very quickly, while others hide in the interface and spread across the system and cause gradual disruption. S3 cloud backup storage service will help you monitor, detect, identify and protect from malware around the clock. Therefore, stop wasting your time, and get started with cloud backup service.

Storadera as a S3 cloud storage backup for your business

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