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S3 Compatible Object Storage Guide: Key, Bucket, and S3 API

S3 Compatible Object Storage Guide: Key, Bucket, and S3 API

With 50% of all corporate data being stored in the cloud, it’s time to clear up any confusion about cloud storage. You can break cloud storage down into three different types; object storage, file storage, and block storage. One of the most popular ways to store objects in the cloud is the S3 protocol. It was initially invented by Amazon Web Services (AWS) but now there are many providers of S3 compatible storage and hundreds of applications that can interact with them. So, in this article, we’ll focus on S3 object storage covering how it works, use cases, and its main attributes.

What is S3 Object Storage?

S3 object storage refers to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service. It allows companies to store any amount of data they want at an affordable cost. You can also store almost any type of data with S3 compatible object storage, including data lakes, cloud-native applications, and mobile apps.

Due to the affordable S3 storage cost and the ability to store almost any type of data, its use-cases are fairly widespread. The most common use-cases for S3 include data archiving, backing up critical data, big data analytics, cloud-native app data, and disaster recovery.

S3 Storage Cost

While S3 object storage refers to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, plenty of competitors now offer S3 compatible object storage at a lower cost. These costs vary based on how often you need to access the data and the overall amount of data you store through their service. Meanwhile, Storadera offers predictable pricing models of S3 object storage for as low as €6/TB/month, which is typically 5x less than you would spend on Amazon.

What is Key, Bucket, and S3 API?

S3 object storage utilizes three main attributes for storage. These three attributes are the key, bucket, and S3 API.

  • Buckets refer to the containers that data is stored within. You can store as much data as you want and as many objects as you want in an S3 bucket. Bucket names also need to be unique from all S3 users as all buckets share the same namespace.
  • The key is basically a file directory and name combined. In more detail, in key in S3 object storage refers to the string of characters associated with an object in a bucket. It acts as a directory hierarchy for accessing an object stored in an S3 bucket. Every object stored in S3 can be identified with its bucket name, key, and version ID.
  • You can manage your data with the S3 API. Due to the popularity of S3, the API has become an industry standard and is therefore integrated with many of the most popular tools.

The Cheapest S3 Compatible Storage

When looking for affordable S3 compatible storage, you cannot go wrong with Storadera. Here at Storadera, we believe in bringing simplicity and cost predictability to cloud storage. So, we created a scalable S3 compatible storage service that provides a simple-to-use interface with costs that you can predict. Our Storadera Space Premium service costs just 6€/TB/month. And most importantly, it does not have any secret fees for download or other actions

With the help of Storadera, you can start better managing your cloud storage costs.

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