February 17, 2023 Tommi Kannisto Cloud Storage

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Scaling Cloud Storage to Half a Billion and Beyond

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Half a Billion files is quite an amount. It is 500 Million files, or objects as it is often referred. Storadera systems now hold half a Billion files. Scaling cloud storage to such a number of files might seem like an enormous amount but it is actually a small milestone for us, as it will soon be billions.

Why is it important?

It is quite a challenge to build a truly scalable system on premise. Often it comes with a quite big capital investment into. Storadera public cloud service has done this investment for you and you can send your millions of files our way. 

If local storage scaling is hard, use cloud storage

Often businesses think that local storage gives more performance. Sometimes it’s true but often it’s not. Local, on premise storage capacity and resources are always limited with hardware at hand. You would not add additional servers for your one query, would you?

In cloud you can take advantage of cloud scalability. If at the moment you need extra resources, you get them from a way bigger pool than you will ever have at your own data center. This gives cloud a real performance advantage for you at the time of need.

Often it is thought that latency might be an issue but again, generally it does not matter because of the parallel nature of many workloads. Cloud storage may provide you in the end with an actually better response time than an overloaded local storage.

Using cloud provider for storage saves you time as well. Be it either setting everything up or time to market.

Image of a hard drive with a vector graphic of a cloud expanding as overlay.
Instead of constantly spending on hardware, consider scaling cloud storage.

What to use cloud storage for?

Potential use cases are endless. For starters, It’s important to follow at least the 3-2-1 backup rule where you have at least 1 copy of data offsite. For example virtual machines for backups. Then you are not dependant on local storage disasters.

But there are many more use cases like archive, machine learning and so on. If you use cloud computing then it makes sense to use cloud storage, instead of routing it back to your data center.

Here are some useful how-tos to set up workload with cloud storage.

Cloud storage or object storage

Cloud storage is a broad term. If we talk about S3 compatible api then more accurate term is programmatic access storage. S3 uses term object. But cloud storage is de facto used widely. Feel free to use both for Googling or describing.

Read more about S3 compatible object storage here.

Scaling cloud storage in Storadera

At Storadera, we use our own storage software layer that allows us to use horizontal scaling and add as much servers as needed to make it work fast and seamless for you, dear reader!

Ready to try out our affordable and simple cloud storage for yourself?

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