Terms of Service

Last updated: 2021-03-28

  1. Scope of service
    • In the scope of Storadera Space service (hereinafter Service) Storadera allows the Customer to store their data in the object storage service via the universal API (compatible with S3 REST API protocol) interface
    • Functionality of API interface is defined https://storadera.com/docs/space-docs
    • Service management interface https://account.storadera.com is accessible through web interface (hereinafter referred as Management Interface)
  2. Service operation
    • Storadera is providing Service by using hardware and software located in Storadera’s partner datacenters
    • Geographical location of datacenter is selectable by Customer
    • Within the content and functionality of the Service, Storadera enables to store Customer data (files, documents, photos etc) on high availability infrastructure
    • Functionality of the Management Interface may differ from capabilities of API interface
    • Full description of functionality of Service can be found on https://storadera.com/docs
  3. Customer access
    • Storadera is granting access to Management Interface for Customer designated user(s) and providing required access credentials
    • It is Customer’s responsibility to guard and change access credentials according to industry’s best practices
  4. Customer duties and responsibilities
    • It is Customer’s responsibility to ensure required internet connectivity and S3 compatible software to use the Service
    • It is Customer’s sole responsibility to protect access credentials to Management Interface
    • Customer is responsible of consequences of using access credentials including of possible provisioning of additional paid services and associated additional costs
    • Customer is responsible of using Management Interface according to set terms and conditions
    • If a Customer is providing access to Management Interface to 3rd parties the Customer is taking full responsibility for this action and remains responsible for the whole period when such access is granted. In such cases is the Customer responsible for handling 3rd party claims related to Service
    • By using Service, Customer is responsible not to upload, save, forward or apply in any other way in Storadera infrastructure content what is not in accordance of valid laws and is solely responsible for associated damages made to Storadera or 3rd parties
    • By using Service, Customer must avoid any activities that interferes (or might interfere) or impedes (or might impede) Service, violates (or might violate) Storadera or Storadera’s partners infrastructure and/or network availability and/or security
    • Customer is responsible for any violation of law or violation of rights of 3rd parties what is caused by Customer’s action or inaction including damage caused by 3rd parties if Customer violates terms of this document
    • In case Customer is violating terms and conditions set in this document, has Storadera right to revoke access from Customer to Management Interface regardless of extent of violation or fact that Customer agrees with Storadera’s evaluation of violation
  5. Service Level Agreement
    • Service availability is 99.9% within perimeter of Storadera datacenter
    • It is Customer’s responsibility to ensure internet connection and other required resources to use the Service
    • Service malfunction or downtime is not treated as SLA breach if this is caused by Customer’s activity or inactivity or in case of force majeure.
  6. Storadera datacenter environment
    • Service is operated from Storadera partner datacenter with strict access control policies and includes:
      • video surveillance
      • door system with entry and exit logging
      • automatic gas extinguishing system
      • two source power feed through UPS system and backed with diesel generator
      • temperature and humidity control systems
  7. Service fees
    • Customer undertakes to pay for the use of the Service according to the price list