Case study: Freelance Photographer

Freelance Photographer

As a freelance and hobbyist photographer Kaupo has a lot of photos that he backs up to external drives at home but he also has a need for a reliable, affordable way to archive his work off-premises. The odds of a hard drive failure are around 1-4% depending on the manufacturer and model, and there is no way of knowing when it will happen. There are also other reasons, such as the threat of ransomware or actual physical damage to the data storage device, that make the decision to store data on a cloud extremely reasonable and wise.

“Kaupo has set a budget for his photo and video cloud storage and it is important for him to maintain it. As such he is very price conscious and wary of any extra fees a storage provider might have.”

Another issue is that ideally Kaupo would like to let the amount of data he needs to archive determine the price to pay, he does not want to deal with any sort of plan selection or upgrading from time to time. Kaupo also doesn’t want to pay for the data that he isn’t even using. So we can sum up Kaupo’s needs for his cloud storage as the following:

  • The amount of data he can store needs to be limitless
  • There should be no extra fees, including no download fees
  • No complicated plan upgrades
  • Simple setup

It seemed like a mission impossible to find a suitable cloud storage provider, but that’s where Storadera came in – Storadera is a S3 compatible object cloud storage provider with a super simple pricing plan. Kaupo was relieved to find out that all he needs to do is set up the service once. There are no additional fees. No need to upgrade or change the plan as there is no limit to the data he can store. It’s that simple! And that is why Kaupo chose Storadera. It took him no more than 5-10 minutes to set it up with Cloudberry, a S3 compatible application. To learn how he set it up, keep reading.

Setup is quick and easy

Starting to use Storadera is quite simple, you only need an account and a client program in your computer to archive your files where they will be kept safe.

  1. Go to Storadera homepage, click Sign up
  2. Enter your e-mail, name, password and country
  3. Verify your email with a link sent to your email
  4. Log on to Storadera
  5. Go to My Data to create a new data bucket, give it a name, for example My Photos
  6. Go to Keys. This is to create your access key you will be using to upload/download your files. Click Create new key. Save both the Access key id and Secret access key to somewhere save, you will need these later
  7. Now you are all set up, you just need a client program in your computer to start uploading. I use a free software called CloudBerry Explorer
  8. Storadera webpage has instructions here how to set it up and use with Storadera
  9. After connecting Cloudberry Explorer with Storadera, you can choose your created databucket My Photos and just drag and drop your photos into it
  10. Relax because now you have your work securely archived.
Photographer taking a photo at a lake
Kaupo loves taking photos in the nature.

More detailed instructions on how to set up Storadera with Cloudberry can be found here.