How to use Storadera with
MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Explorer for
Amazon S3

  1. Download free program from
    a. NB! After downloading the page will show you the activation code. Keep it open
    for using it later.
  2. Install the program with Next, Next, Install method.
  3. Start the program
  4. Open menu File->New S3 Compatible Account -> S3 Compatible
  5. Add New S3 Compatible Storage Account, with following data:
    Display name: Storadera
    Service point:
    Access key: <your access key> You can generate it when you log into the web page.
    Secret key: you can get it together with the access key.
    Make sure that “Use SSL” is checked.
    Signature version: choose “4”.
    a. Click “Test Connection” to see if everything is correct. If there is a problem then please re-check all the fields above.
    b. Click “OK”
  6. First, create a bucket. It is like a root level folder
  7. Upload a file
  1. Enjoy using cloud storage! More info from and