Walk on the safe side – it’s a World’s Backup Day!

Today is not the day of any resembrance, vice versa, it is a day when the focus is on that we’d never miss our precious data lost in laptops, mobiles or portable hard drives. It is a special day dedicated to the importance of Your personal or professional valuable information, and to give you some overall facts that we’re only humans and not protected from force majeure happening to our devices. So Happy World Backup Day to You!

By the way, did You know that while 83% percent of us own a computer and 89% of mobile phones, only 25% have regular backups? It is estimated that 60 millions of computers crash within 2021 and some 200K of mobiles are lost. Would you really want this miserable feeling after discovering your data is gone for good?

We presume You don’t want to join that party – You are not the one to suffer permanent disk failure. We trust that you value your data and act accordingly. And by the way – it is very simple nowadays to start backing up your files!

We have S3 cloud storage, integrated with multiple biggest backup software vendors, so that you can start bakcing up you files and start walking on the safe side!

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Photo by Sergei Starostin from Pexels.

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