April 6, 2021 Margus Danil Cloud Storage

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Storadera – Keeping the Pace with Data Explosion


Data volumes are growing at unprecedented speed – it’s predicted that data created during the next 3 years exceeds the amount of data created during the last 30 years altogether! This data explosion applies to most industries, whether it’s retail, education, healthcare – you name it. Because of massive data growth there is a constant struggle as IT budgets are not growing as fast as the data.  

Also, access requirements are not equal for all data generated – every organisation has tons of data which is not classified as hot, meaning there is always a use case for secondary storage, regardless it is on-prem or hosted. And there can be scenarios that currently business is not able to extract value from data generated, but it can be absolutely different in the future – so it makes sense to keep this data for future for example for future growth modeling, where one part of the equation is also historical data. Plus there are always backup and archival use cases that companies need to cope, manage their risks and also to comply with regulatory requirements.

I’m pretty sure that every company faces periodically a question whether to renew or extend existing storage or seek for new alternatives. Cloud storage can be one of those alternatives for example replacing on-prem storage for backup targets. Also it can be used to mitigate additional risks by adding an additional Disaster Recovery copy of your data or offsite archive.

So if you were wondering why there is a need for more cloud storage providers, then now you know. Storadera has also its place under the Sun and we are here to be your cloud storage provider.

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