November 23, 2023 Annelise Randmaa Cloud Storage

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Storadera Bucket Geo Replication is Now LIVE!

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Great news! Storadera now supports bucket level geo replication!

What is Bucket Geo Replication?

S3 Bucket replication is a feature that automatically transfers your files from one bucket to another.

It is often also called with names like geo-replication, cloud replication and S3 Cross-Region Replication (CRR).

It is under your granular control, you define which buckets you want to replicate and choose the target bucket.

“Geo” means that you can choose your replication target bucket in another geographical location. For example from our “eu-east-1” data center in Estonia to “eu-central-1” data center in the Netherlands.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no extra cost on replication or bandwidth used.
Of course, replicated data itself counts as storage. 
For example if you set up replication and upload 1TB of data then in total you pay for 2TB.

Why Use Bucket Geo Replication?

Data replication is useful for many situations:
Replication helps to even more protect data against geographical risks.
Replication helps to keep latency down on data access closer to you physically.
Increases your data resiliance by protecting against multiple levels of geographical outages.

How To Set Up Bucket Geo Replication?

It can be done with just a few clicks:

  • Log into your account
  • Prepare your source and target buckets. Both need to be versioned and both need to have the same object lock settings. Object lock either on or off for both buckets.
  • Select the source bucket you want to replicate from and click Management
  • Now click Create replication rule
  • Select your target bucket and hit Create rule
  • All set. All new data will be replicated!

The Most Advanced Feature: Active-Active Geo Replication!

It is possible to do Active-Active replication. It means that you can have 2 or more buckets where you can add data and it is synced to others.
To achieve this, just add multiple rules.

It Is Here, Give It A Try

Our S3 Bucket Replication delay is usually just a couple of seconds but our aim is to do replications with a maximum of 5 minute delay.

If you have an account already, then Log in and set up your first replication.

If you don’t yet have an account go ahead and Sign up now.

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