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Storadera and Acronis Integrate

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We have some great news – Storadera and Acronis now integrate! Storadera is thrilled to announce that Storadera and Acronis have finalized integration with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. It allows users to leverage the powerful storage capabilities of Storadera’s S3-compatible object storage system within the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure environment. This integration enables seamless data management, backup, and recovery operations, with Storadera S3 serving as a reliable and scalable storage solution for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure users. 

The integration enhances data protection and accessibility, empowering organizations to efficiently store, retrieve, and protect their critical data assets.

Check out Acronis’ solutions integration page on Storadera here.

What is Acronis?

Acronis is a Swiss global technology company, founded in Singapore. Acronis integrates backup, recovery, and next-generation, AI-based anti-malware and protection management into one solution. This integration and automation provide complete cyber protection while increasing productivity and decreasing TCO.

Check out Acronis’ homepage here for more info.

Storadera for your backup needs

Storadera is a modern and fast cloud object storage that is secure, instantly available and has all the features required to safeguard your data from cyber attacks like ransomware.

Take your time and test Storadera cloud storage service and you’ll be positively surprised how easy it is to set up. Backup selection does not need to be rocket science, skip the difficult pricing tiers and try out Storadera today.

Interested in Storadera Space service?

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