April 8, 2021 Tommi Kannisto Cloud StorageTeam

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Public Launch of Storadera Space – the New S3 Compatible Cloud Storage

Storadera LIVE

We are glad to announce that Storadera has officially concluded with the Beta program and as of today, 8th of April 2021, we are offering our service commercially. This is our first important milestone in international growth plans. Storadera Space is targeting to help you in achieving your long term goals to take control of your ever growing data.

As of today industry analysts have predicted predicting that:

  • People are generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day
  • Nearly 90% of all data has been created in the last two years
  • Unstructured data is a problem for 95% of businesses

In 2020, each person generated approximately 1,7 MB of data per second. To bring some context to how vast is the amount of data out there, it has been stated that it would take an average user approximately three million years to download all the data that is currently on the internet (Forbes). Globally people and organisations are generating approximately 2,5 quintillion (1 quintillion is 1 with 18 zeros) bytes of data each day. Most of this data is generated by individual persons, but a large part of it lies also to companies to whom this is possibly a valuable asset to understand their customers’ behaviour. It is not understatement that most companies are not able to extract value from this data today, but if the cost of keeping this data for future decision making is reasonable enough then this is a wise decision. Main goal for every business is to make more informed business decisions!

To summarize above, data growth is an inevitable fact and Storadera is here to help your business to cope with it.

We have a solution for you – Storadera Space! Simple service and simple pricing – 6€/TB/month. That’s all. It is that simple! No hidden costs! Forget gambling with AWS (or other hyperscaler cloud) monthly fees!

Storadera Space is S3 compatible cloud storage service which supports currently most of the common use cases. We at Storadera have made step-by-step guides on how to start usage of our service with most popular backup software applications and appliances like Synology, Veeam, Duplicati etc. 

Take your time and test Storadera Space service and you’ll be positively surprised how easy it is to set up.

In case of questions write to us info@storadera.com and let’s discuss.

If no questions then

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