April 5, 2022 Tommi Kannisto Cloud StorageUpdates

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Milestone Reached: 300 Million Files Stored!

Dr Evil scheming

This just in: Storadera is now storing 300 million customer files. It is 300 000 000.

And we are just getting started. Stay tuned for our next announcements.

Next stop, one billion files? Or even more?

Our S3 compatible cloud storage service is enabled by our custom built software. It is economic and respectful of server resources. In return, it helps us scale the service and offer fast, secure and affordable service to our customers.

If you are not yet storing your files in Storadera then NOW is the perfect time to start! We strongly believe that you will fall in love with our amazing service and to prove it we are offering a FREE 50 GB trial for everyone to try it out. No credit card required! Just do it!

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