April 7, 2022 Annelise Randmaa Team


Meet the Team: Tommi

As a part of our current ongoing event, the Big Sales Hack Week, we decided to give our users and followers an opportunity to get to know us a little better. Isn’t it more interesting to know who actually are these faces behind Storadera? Or if mystery gives you a bigger thrill, that’s okay too, you do you, but we as a team have decided to come out of the shadows and answer some fun questions about ourselves. We are starting this series of blog posts with our beloved CEO Tommi Kannisto.

Q: What do you do at Storadera?

A: The most important thing I do is unblocking others. On top of that  I sometimes make strategic decisions, draw on the wall and speak a lot. Occasionally some software development. And investor relations – they help us bring our service to an ever wider audience.

Q: What’s one thing that you like about working at Storadera?

A: We actually make a difference in the world. What could be more important than preserving crucial data for businesses and valuable memories for people. And we make it more affordable and accessible to wider audiences than ever before possible!

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: Performance of IT systems. One corner stone of our storage system is that it is tuned for the best possible performance. And it is so peaceful to look at servers humming and do the important work in the DC.

Q: What do you yourself use Storadera for?

A: I backup my Google Drive and Dropbox folders to Storadera using Duplicati. Cyber threats are a real thing and I like to have the extra assurance that my files are intact no matter what!

Hope you enjoyed it! And if you want to be like Tommi and to keep your precious files protected from all sorts of threats, then please do try our S3 compatible cloud backup service – we have a 50 GB free trial!

If you want to be even more like Tommi and set it up with Duplicati (free application with very simple setup), then please do check out our super easy to follow setup guide here.

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