April 11, 2022 Annelise Randmaa Team


Meet the Team: Dmitrii


Our third team member to be featured is our latest addition, Dmitrii Voitovich. He is the kind of teammate who possesses the invaluable skill of being able to make the office a cozy place for everyone at all times. This guy always has a clever comeback and/or some chopped up veggies or fruits to offer to you. Interested in hearing more? We have more. Read his replies to our questions below.

Q: What do you do at Storadera?

A: A senior software engineer is written in my job contract. So I believe it’s everything related to preparing well for daily standups, putting proper estimations on tasks and responsibly moving them across jira boards, participating in lunch meetings, making good coffee for myself and colleagues I like (right now I like all 5 of them), bringing some home made bread to the office and growing a mango seed on a windowsill. Hope nothing was left uncounted.

Q: What’s one thing that you like about working at Storadera?

A: It’s a really nice and cozy small startup environment we have here. A perfect blend of close to hardware software engineering solutions and real-world business problems we are trying to solve. Nobody before Elon Musk believed that rocket launches cost could be reduced by a factor of 10. We are not rocket scientists, so we chose cloud storage market for the next revolution.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: Tommi always says we should stop making everything perfect and concentrate on sprint goals. But I don’t listen. For sure he must be joking! I know he would not sleep well unless every function at the Storadera’s repository is polished and written in the most efficient way. So we work hard, so he could look fresh and healthy on investment meetings!

Q: What do you yourself use Storadera for?

A: I actually ended up at Storadera’s landing page while looking for a storage service to upload my hobby projects backups that would not cost a fortune. Then I noticed the “Career” page, then that backend is written with my true and only love programming language… and now here I am 🙂

If you also have some hobby projects that should be backed up then please do try our S3 compatible cloud backup service – we have a 50 GB free trial!

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