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It is Time to Rethink Your Company Data Storage Strategy

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Today almost all companies are using some cloud services. Is it either Office365, some file storing service, backup or archive. What about just rethinking your company’s whole data strategy – what data is must to keep on-prem and never leave your „home“, what data are you comfortable to be stored by 3rd party?

Anyway, regardless of your decision, it is a financial and risk management decision – either to invest in existing on-prem infrastructure or to consider alternatives. Your business need is obvious – you have piles of data for what you need to have access to – for today’s use cases and daily business operations and also possible future ones. For example to make better informed business decisions.

Even if this is not the case today, it might be in the future from a company perspective absolute necessity not to lose any data regardless of transaction type (of course taking into account all regulatory requirements like GDPR, Privacy Shield etc). Historical data can be a honey pot for informed business decisions in your digitalisation roadmap in the future.

General understanding of your data storage needs and requirements has utmost importance for Storadera. It can help us to develop more aligned use cases with your real business needs and helps us to develop our feature roadmap of existing and new (we have several in pipeline) services.  We really value your feedback to our service and we will take this into account in developing our service.

Data security is one of the easiest ways to ensure business continuity! Any breach in this area has a serious impact on your company reputation – stay away from this and have a decent backup of your data to a secure location. Choose Storadera to keep your data safe and give extra boost to mitigate your business risks.

With Storadera you have simple predictable monthly costs, easy to use service, responsible team to help in case of problems, unique and secure service architecture, trusted data locations in Europe (currently, but we’ll expand) and an experienced team.

Data amounts around us are growing insanely and Storadera is ready to support your business in this. Possibly you are already familiar with the fact that hard drive prices are growing currently and most likely it drives your on-prem data storage costs up also. Don’t worry – Storadera’s business model holds and pricing remains intact. It will be still approximately 5x cheaper than our incumbent competitors.

What comes to your mind? Be specific in your use cases, trust Storadera and we will always find suitable data storage and pricing scenarios for your business.

We know that we are unique on the market, but believe, we understand, that you are also – let’s find a mutually meaningful business cooperation model.

Let’s map your business requirements to Storadera’s service features and start to improve your data security and cybersecurity posture – you are really close to it.

Don’t miss a chance – Storadera is here to help you!

Interested in Storadera Space service?

Join us and start using Storadera!

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