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Don’t Hold All Your Eggs in the Same Basket

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It is a very common perception that if your data is already in the cloud (for example you are using Microsoft 365 or OneDrive) then you are all safe and no separate backups are needed. Actually it is not fully true. Have you read Microsoft terms and conditions fineprint?

Generally your data availability is guaranteed for one month only and it is the customer responsibility to back up their data. Microsoft 365 consists of multiple applications that are interconnected and distinct data types and backup applications should pull this data from O365 by using APIs provided by Microsoft.

There are plenty of articles written about which solution is best for backing up Microsoft applications and no one is yet covering all use cases one can expect. Regardless of application you are using, either SaaS or on-prem, one is sure that you need space where to store your data. Application providers let customers decide either to use their selected storage or usually customers can also use their preferred on-prem or cloud storage.

Above is a perfect use case for Storadera Space service. As the saying goes, it is always wise not to hold all your eggs in one basket. It is wise to have backup of your data, what is already in the cloud, backed up to another cloud provider. It is pretty obvious that a company who has already adopted cloud services, will more likely select among different cloud services for this purpose rather than go for an on-prem solution.

We in Storadera believe that simplicity and cost predictability are key factors to solve this problem, which is why lots of companies are still afraid of cloud storage services although they might already be using various cloud services like Microsoft 365.

Storadera’s mission is to provide scalable service and at the same time provide very simple and predictable pricing. For our Storadera Space Premium service package you pay only 6€/TB/monthly. That’s all. It is that simple! No hidden costs!

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