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Best Affordable Cloud Storage Services for 2022

Best affordable cloud storage services for 2022

Cloud storage is a very broad term and can mean different things and depends on the context. It is also possibly quite often confusing when people start to talk about cloud storage, and it is totally dependent on the use case.

For example one might need space to store your documents like files, photos etc., and to share those with your colleagues then you need Google Drive or Dropbox type of solution (of course there are plenty of alternatives). Others for example might need to store large volumes of data (files, server snapshots etc.) for backup or archival purposes.

There are many use cases for object storage, and an overview of most general ones can be found in the article ≫ What are the most common cloud storage use cases?

​​​​What is S3 compatible object storage?

In this article, we will focus on one type of cloud storage, more specifically object storage. Generally, this type of storage provider is one or another way referring to compatibility to S3.

What is S3? S3 means Simple Storage Service and is developed by AWS, but is de facto standard for object storage. S3 provides object storage through a web service interface.

There are several service providers that provide S3 compatible object storage. It is also called programmatic access storage, and generally, it means you need some sort of application in front to access your stored data. There are plenty of different applications – paid ones and free for use.

Cloud storage is one of the alternatives for companies to grow their storage capacity, but this can also be very costly. Most incumbent service providers make use of their services attractive, but later you might end up with high costs as there are hidden fees that could have been overlooked in the first place.

Comparison of object storage service providers

Below is a list of the most well-known service providers. Of course, this list does not claim perfection, but is meant for general guidance and the main purpose of it is to show that there are alternatives available on the market to incumbent providers like AWS, MS and Google.

Best affordable cloud storage services for 2022

Mostly, all service providers don’t provide that wide selection of services like AWS, but depending on your use case it can be enough you can really win big. And what is most important – you can achieve that your monthly costs are more predictable – this is a huge thing for companies for whom storage costs can be significant.

According to Fortune Business Insights Cloud Storage Market to Reach USD 390.33 Billion by 2028, Growing at a CAGR of 26.2% – unprecedented growth and speed. Also, it means that companies start to review their storage strategies and to seek more affordable alternatives – read more about trends and what’s happening in our article To cloud or not to cloud.

How to get more for less with Storadera?

We at Storadera believe that simplicity and cost predictability is key to solve this problem, which is why lots of companies are afraid of cloud storage services. Our mission is to provide scalable service and at the same time provide very simple and predictable pricing. For our Storadera Space Premium service package you pay only 6€/TB/monthly. That’s all. It is that simple! No hidden costs!

With Storadera you can manage your risks better and have predictable and easy to calculate cloud storage costs.

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