Private Beta

Last updated: 2020-06-01

Storadera opens Private Beta testing of S3 compatible cloud storage. The goal is to test our systems with a lot of customer scenarios.

Who can join, how much storage I can get, how much does it cost?

Private Beta is absolutely free.

You can get up to 1 TB of free space in this Private Beta.

Every user will get 100 GB of space initially but you can ask for upgrade to 1TB (1024 GB) through self service. In that case, please provide some info with the request, how will you use the space.

Every user gets 1 TB of download bandwidth. If users do a lot more download or abuse or instabilize the system in any way, then we reserve the right to disable these users

Everybody can make a sign-up on
Depending on current available space, you will be activated righ away or with some delay.

In Private Beta we have limited space available and we may enroll new users over time. Not all at once. There is a message box to write how will you use the storage. We reserve the right to prioritize different usage scenarios. But do not worry, all users will be able to join during the Private Beta or later with the free offer.

What to store and what not to store?

First some terms:
Availability – you can download and upload your data.
Durability – your data is consistent and unchanged in server.

We aim to offer near 100% data durability and near 99% availability.

NB! During Private Beta, we DO NOT recommend to the store the only copy of data with us. During Private Beta we do not give any guarantee for data durability nor availability.

We recommend using Private Beta for:

  • Backups
  • Archive (if you have another copy elsewhere)
  • For testing your workflows that need S3 compatible storage
  • … and much more. We are very interested what are your use cases. Please write us.


If you have any questions or problems, write to

What next?*

After Private Beta we open the service to customers without limitations. We do not know exact date, yet.
1 TB of data will cost 6 EUR per month. (excl. VAT)

After the beta we automatically convert you to our Free Offer where you get 1 TB of free space for 2 months. If wou would decide to stop using Storadera after Private Beta then you have 2 months time to download your data.

* these are the plans for the future but they can change.

Technical limitations of Private Beta

  • Versioning is not supported
  • Multipart upload (complete) has maximum object size of 10 GB.
  • Extra server side encryption with client provided keys is not supported. We do support encryption in transit and we do encrypt data on hard disks.
  • Public sharing is not supported
  • Access is limited only to your account, no sharing between accounts
  • Object and bucket tags are not supported
  • …plus some more less used functionality

If client software asks for functionality that is not supported then server will return HTTP status 501 – Not implemented.

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